Autoclaves are the best way to sterilise Dental equipment and instruments efficiently and effectively. In the fight against the transmission of Hepatitis B and HIV, the SES 2000 autoclave is a potential life-saver.

The risks of contamination and possible cross-infection resulting are eliminated. Hygienic 'touch panel' controls activate a choice of cycles. Select the appropriate temperature option for the load type, and The SES 2000 , SES 2010 Or SES Little Sister starts the cycle.

An optional printer is available for the SES 2000 autoclave which will allow a record of each cycle to be kept.

  • Autoclaves Fast and Efficient
  • SES 2000
  • Bambi
  • Cattani
  • Jun Air

Pressure Vessel Inspection:

  • Repair and Servicing

Suction Pumps:

  • Cattani
  • Dentalez
  • Durr Repair and Servicing
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